Why Refurbished

We Provide Refurbished & Less Used
Laptop, Desktop, MacBook, Server, Workstation & Tablet
On Reasonable Price

Same level of performance

Reliability as Comparable New Equipment

Cost Efficiency

Guaranteed Performance

Return Policy

Refurbishment Process

  • Bulk Buying & Inspection

    Machines are received in bulk and each machine is tested individually with 25 points Sunray Smart Steps

  • Report & Configuration

    Detailed report is prepared for optimization and non working components are replaced with new one

  • Optimization & Testing Phase

    Bugs are fixed to provide maximum value and Our experts test the machine to match the standards of Sunray Select Certified Refurbished Equipment

  • Installation and Prepared for shipment

    Operating system and basic software are installed and machine is carefully cleaned and packed for final shipment to customer

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